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Why your Addiction could actually be Depression or Anxiety

As a Addiction Psychiatrist I have treated over 10,000 people with “addiction”.  Study after study has shown most patients who are labeled as “addicted” to alcohol or drugs usually are Self-Medicating for an underlying depression or anxiety.  I found this to be true in my experience as well most of the time. If you started using drugs and/or alcohol and felt “good” or “normal” or how you think you should feel then you probably had an undiagnosed depression or anxiety.  You found a way to help your brain stimulate the pleasure chemical dopamine but in a very unhealthy way. If you or someone you know is being put in the “Addiction box” and antidepressants are just making things worse with side effects, feeling “numb” to your emotions then call us.  No judgment, just results is what you get with us. We have the technology to help your brain naturally release Dopamine in your brain. When someone constantly is relapsing on drugs or alcohol, it is their way of trying to get dopamine stimulated in the brain. We can help with that without medications with our TMS program in 6 short weeks. Call for a free phone consult today.