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During the COVID-19 pandemic DAN MED TMS is committed to providing care as we know this is a highly stressful time worsening depression & anxiety.  We are taking extra screening and cleaning precautions in compliance with CDC guidelines to ensure your safety.   If telepsychiatry is not a fit for you our in person TMS Treatments could be. Call us to find out your options.

TMS is the Future of Depression Therapy

TMS Therapy is the Future of Depression Treatment

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a revolutionary therapy used to treat the symptoms of depression.
TMS treatment gently stimulates the areas of the brain that cause depression & anxiety symptoms.

TMS medication-free depression therapy


You can now live free of anti-depressants and drug side effects.

TMS therapy for depression - no side effects

No Side Effects

TMS delivers depression & anxiety treatment without systemic side effects.

TMS therapy is effective

Safe & FDA Approved

TMS is FDA Cleared and
highly effective in treating
depression & anxiety.

TMS is covered by insurance

Covered by Insurance

Medicare and all major
insurance plans cover TMS

Only 6 Weeks to Experiencing Happiness


TMS Therapy is a relaxing, drug-free method to treat Depression & Anxiety

Get comfortable in a reclining chair.
Magnets treat your depression or anxiety in less than 20 minutes per session.
Repeat your TMS therapy for 6-8 weeks.


TMS Therapy can provide you a future free of Depression in as little as 6 weeks.

Life does get easier without Depression or Anxiety.

It starts here at DAN MED TMS.

Treatments are available in the Seattle area at DAN MED TMS Depression Treatment centers in Renton/Kent & Bellevue WA. Contact us for a consultation to find out if TMS therapy is right for you.

TMS therapy depression relief in 6 weeks
TMS therapy is an effective non-drug treatment for people seeking relief from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Chronic Pain, Alzheimers & Dementia.

America’s Top Hospitals Using TMS Therapy


Testimonials and Media Coverage

DAN MED TMS patient shares how TMS changed their life

Brain Wellness Institute in Costa Mesa Partners with DAN MED TMS to help patients transform their lives with TMS.

Dr. Oz talks TMS

Dr. Dandala and Patient speak with Q13 on the life changing effects of TMS

TMS anxiety treatment Renton
A New Strategy

TMS does not use medications or drugs. MRI-strength magnets are used during treatment.

TMS is non-systemic meaning nothing enters the bloodstream.

TMS depression therapy Bellevue
Accessible to You

All major insurance carriers cover TMS Therapy

TMS depression therapy Renton
Proven Results

TMS Therapy was cleared by the FDA in 2008.

Clinical studies have shown that roughly two thirds of those with depression benefit from TMS Therapy.

Covered By

TMS is an innovative, evidence-based treatment for those suffering from major depression. Ideal candidates are those who have not responded to prior medication attempts. These candidates have what is commonly referred to as Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD).
According to the World Health Organization, depression is the number one cause of illness and disability worldwide. Depression spares no one. Millions of women particularly those suffering from post-partum depression have struggled for decades without the benefit of resources beyond medication.
Today is a new day for those trying to battle depression or anxiety. With robust clinical outcomes, coupled with acceptance by most major insurance providers, TMS Therapy is giving hope to those who suffer with major depression or anxiety.
Call today for a confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable and caring consultants.

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  • 5 star review  DAN MED TMS has a wonderful team of mental health providers. I put my faith in them for my Magventure tms therapy, and also the gentler apollo tms, that are a non-drug mental health therapy changing the status quo of psychiatry.

    thumb Cherryl Halvorson-Alvarez

    5 star review  Great location, amazing doctor and staff!

    thumb Mike Inman
  • 5 star review  Suzie, Michele and Chris are awesome people. They truly understand their patients, their true goal is to help you be a better you. You are always greeted with a smile.

    thumb Carlos B

    5 star review  Suzie is an amazing practitioner! She is very attentive, caring, and professional. She explains procedures in a way that patients can understand well. I highly recommend DAN MED TMS for treatment.

    thumb Sawako Kacoroski
  • 5 star review  Dan Med TMS is changing lives. So happy to see patients get off medications and become happy and productive again . Speeches at the grand opening were touching. All of the staff were great to speak with and were very informative about how TMS works. Excited to see how this technology can help my family members with dementia. Thank you, Dr. Dandala!

    thumb Andrew Mahon

    5 star review  I was recommended TMS by my doctor and went in not really knowing what to expect. Dr. D was very gracious in walking me through and explaining every aspect of the treatment. I truly appreciated how safe I felt explaining everything I had been going through. The people who work here are wonderful and genuinely care about you and your treatment.

    thumb Hanna Treppenhauer